Held Back…

There are certain advantages

To discovering what is holding you back.

When you learn who to blame

You can take charge.

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32 thoughts on “Held Back…

  1. ksbeth says:

    sometimes it’s hard to see yourself through the trees –

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  2. jmgoyder says:

    Yeah, so true! I keep holding myself back – love this illustration – you are amazing at expressing deep@meaningful so profoundly and yet so simply!

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  3. April says:

    so very true!

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  4. Oh I like what ksbeth said. My thought when reading this is yes, and I sure hope it isn’t just my own projection. That’s the real hard work with letting go. xxx

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  5. mewhoami says:

    Yes! I completely agree. The person in the mirror holds us back more than anyone else.

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  6. mj says:

    this is great ..it makes me think of a blog I posted about a week ago, I struggled to find an image. Maybe I’ll reach out to you in the futute for imag​e​​​s!

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  7. russtowne says:

    LOL! I love it, Colleen. The whole world combined doesn’t hold me back as much as I do.

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  8. russtowne says:

    Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I love this great reminder. The whole world combined doesn’t hold me back as much as I do.
    With Love,

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  9. The one in the back looks familiar…

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  10. Ocean Bream says:

    This is lovely, Colleen. Sometimes the thing that stops us from moving forward is ourselves 🙂

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  11. Debra says:

    Brilliant! LOL! Such a fabulous illustration to really make this truth crystal clear!

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