24 thoughts on “World Class

  1. We’ve never needed anyone to tell us…. She’s been world class her entire life ❤
    It isn’t just a word, PROUD only begins to describe how I feel. A lifetime of commitment, passion, blood, sweat, and tears that show in not only her performance, but in the way she carries herself. You are the embodiment of grace, Lyndsey, and I am overjoyed at your accomplishments- on and off the stage 😗


    • You are kind Peter. And she truly is amazing. #10 in the world. Has reached the worlds every year since 2006. She will now be entering medical school and I am sad her dancing is taking a back seat to that. But, I know she will excel in whatever she does.

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    • No, and they are taking advantage while there. They have been there (or Scotland or USA) every year since 2006 when she qualified for her first “Worlds”. She is brilliant. Thank you Tric. I hope your friends dancers did wonderfully! I’ve been there for the dancing once. It’s an amazing energy.


  2. Such a fascinating and unique style of dancing. I am always in awe. Congratulations to your special person! Reading your remarks it is clear she really is a very accomplished dancer–and off to medical school? Wow!


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