All I Did….

By Myself.

A moment.

A day.

An adventure.

A life.

All I did was go outside.

All I found was beautiful.

All I know is gratitude.

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23 thoughts on “All I Did….

  1. ksbeth says:

    and all you did was experience it all first hand and were thankful for it all.


  2. One with nature. Simple. Beautiful.


  3. Wonderful post. Love the interposition of your art with the photos. 🙂


  4. goldenbrodie says:

    Got a gratitude attitude…a golden your words & sketches


  5. i love your writing


  6. …..and what a lot we have to be grateful for! Is that frog spawn you are holding?


  7. reocochran says:

    The total sum of the photographs is all you expressed and almost indescribable, Colleen. Beyond comprehension, but we are grateful for it all.


  8. This made me take a deeeeeeep breath, imagining myself going outside instead of just crawling into bed.


    • I am working on allowing myself, making myself actually, do things I want to do. I have spent too much of my life waiting on permission Carolin. So this was a beautiful day on a couple of levels. 🙂


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