A Little Bit Better

You know…. we go through life.  Living it.  Not always paying attention.  Sometimes paying way too much attention.   Before we know it we move in and out of different eras of our existence.


Someone pops back into your life.

Unexpectedly handing you the kind of gift you can’t ask for.  You can’t buy.  You can’t put on a list.

And tells you thank you.  Thank you for being part of their world.

And just like that there is a new level of value added to your life.   Even if it was there all along in someone else’s heart and thoughts.  They gift you with their feelings and memories.

How great a gift to give someone?  To tell someone…

That you mattered.  That you made a difference.  That you are thought of fondly.

This is a gift that will keep giving.  Can be taken anywhere.   And used forever.

Thank you.

I will cherish this gift, forever.

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33 thoughts on “A Little Bit Better

  1. AdashofJhaee says:

    Awee so sweet 💕💕


  2. AdashofJhaee says:

    I always love the artwork 👌🏼


  3. jupitermagic says:

    love the thoughts and the art


  4. ksbeth says:

    isn’t that beautiful? i had a note from someone recently, totally unexpected, just to say thank you, and i loved it –


  5. Val Boyko says:

    When we give unconditionally, and people let us know how they appreciate it – it really is the cherry on the cake! 🍒


  6. I love it when someone I haven’t seen in a long time pops back into my life!


  7. I’ve been on both sides of this experience several times. It’s beautiful from both sides. I love rhythm of your words when you share things like this, the unfolding. Thank you for the reminder, there’s someone I’ve been meaning to write to…


  8. Sweet! priceless gift


  9. russtowne says:

    I love this post, Colleen. It reminded me of something someone said to me when we met up after an absence of many years: “You’re a good memory.” The thought of that moment always brings a smile to my face.

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  10. Debra says:

    How wonderful to experience such validation! We all need that from time to time! I’m happy for your gift from someone special!


  11. Moments such as this are so precious, and long lasting. I love the comment “You’re a good memory.” I may have to borrow that and pass it on a few times!


  12. People can be great therapy.


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