Imperfect and Unpolished

There is a recurring theme in my thoughts.

I’m not perfect.

I’m not exact.

I’m not polished.

I never feel fully accomplished in anything I do.

This isn’t self deprecating.   It’s self awareness.

In this regard I feel the same way I did as a younger version of me, and have consistently felt this way all of my life.

But the interesting thing is that as I’ve grown my feelings towards this recurring theme have changed.

I’m not perfect.

I’m not exact.

I’m not polished.

I never feel fully accomplished in anything I do.

These things aren’t bad things.  They just are.

They don’t stop me.  They may have paused me a time or two in my life.  But stop me?  No.

These things are truths.  These truths aren’t bad.

I’ve kind of grown fond of being Imperfect.  Inexact.  And unpolished.

And don’t mistake “I never feel fully accomplished in anything I do” as a negative.  I feel that what I have accomplished, could be improved, or has not yet been completed.  There’s always room to improve one’s existence, yes?

It makes me quite unique, finding the joy that I do, in being these things.

Imperfect.  Inexact.  Unpolished.


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36 thoughts on “Imperfect and Unpolished

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    Perfectly imperfect, Colleen. Thank you.

  2. ksbeth says:

    acceptance. of self. a beautiful thing.

  3. Stealing a bit from Ann, “we are perfect in our imperfections”

  4. I understand because neither am I. That’s because God isn’t through with us yet. LOL!

  5. Right there with you. And if I might add, along with the rest of the human race. Have a happy weekend. ❤

  6. If any of us were perfect, exact, polished, or fully accomplished, what a terrible place the world would be. Trying to be better is what makes life so fantastic, and trying to help others to be better adds the shine to it!

  7. Reblogged this on Best Shape of My Life and commented:
    Being real is so much easier than being perfect!

  8. Yes this is very true and I like the little word change! Makes a big difference!

  9. Kathy says:

    Here, here 🙂

  10. Debra says:

    My four year old grand-niece flits around saying she’s a unicorn. It’s adorable. Lately when I’m tempted to be hard on myself I say that I’m a unicorn, too! Lol! Pretending to be a mythical creature for a few hours at a time can help me over the hump when I need a little self-acceptance! I love your “self portraits.”

    • Thank you Lynn for liking my self portraits. I had someone look at it for the first time yesterday and she looked at me and said “that’s you! It looks just like you!!!” Made my day. And I like your grand-niece’s style. A lot.

  11. Those things are true for all of us. And it’s the ones who don’t realize it for whom it’s the most true.

  12. Viren says:

    But what then is the aim of reaching the perfection when the idea itself is ambiguous? Or is it just the path that has the savorings..?

    • Hmmmm Viren…. good question. I suppose something I learned years ago in my martial arts training has long stuck with me. Goals are great to have, but often times, once reached, the goal is no longer what it originally meant. But the path to getting there was the value of it all. I’ll go with the path, for me personally. 🙂

  13. I think accomplishment is overrated. BEING is more important than DOING. Ususally….

  14. Mrs. P says:

    I was randomly searching WordPress and stumbled across your blog. Great post…in so many ways it sounds like me, so I read another of your posts and then laughed because I know quite a few of your blogger followers. Small world. 🙂

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