The Journey You Know

I’m in awe of people who know the truth of their journey

From an early age.

I have done some wonderful things so far in my own journey.

Even though I never knew what it was I was supposed to do.

There are things that I truly considered while I was growing up.

I would have made a great nun.

I would have been horrible about going to church.

But I would have been faithfully strong.

I would have made a phenomenal cowgirl.

As long as I didn’t have to shoot anything,

Well I would have been okay shootin’ tin cans.

I think I could have gotten pretty good with ropin’.

And ridin’.

And spittin’, as long as I didn’t have to chew t’bacco.

I’d have made a great motorcycle mechanic.

I love the smell of motorcycles.

I love getting dirty.

As long as I know I can clean up.


There’s a journey I know,

Because I’m living it.

But there’s a journey I don’t yet know,

Because I haven’t made up my mind yet.