It’s Right To Exist

Somebody built this.

Years ago.

For a purpose.

That purpose is no longer being served.

But there it stands.

Steadfast in it’s right to exist.

And finding an entirely new reason to be here.

It’s new purpose

Stopped me in my tracks

Pulling my eyes

My curiosity

My appreciation.

Looking all the more exquisite

With it’s rough edges

And worn appearance.

Such character.

41 thoughts on “It’s Right To Exist

  1. The building touches me. I get so much out of admiring old barns and buildings that stand on their last moments. They have such qualities that were never designed by an architect. You got it. It’s their character that grabs me. Rough and leaning in.


  2. I don’t often see an abandoned home, hammered by the elements and age, but I do wonder about the story and who lived there! What a wonderful photo and your words add thoughtfulness!


    • Oh my , I see them every where. And I always always wonder about the lives, the hands that built it, I imagine sunny hot days with cold water or iced tea. Sweat. And satisfaction when it was complete.


  3. This was a nice way of viewing a place which may have meant the world to someone or a family!
    I loved the photograph, Colleen. Suddenly, the Simon and Garfunkel (hauntingly beautiful) photograph song came to mind . . .”What a time it was, . . . it was a photograph . . . preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.”


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