It’s Not A Jump Rope

There is no explanation for some things.

Or reason.


Days ago I was driving through a little town.

As I pulled up to a stop sign, I was pulling abreast two little children standing in a yard to the left of the road.  The oldest child appeared to be about a 9 or 10 years old girl.  Something was clicking in my head that there was something wrong with what I was seeing.  But I was driving and not focused on the child.  Yet.  As I came to a complete stop two new children were riding their bikes and approached the girl.  One went right up to the girl.

The other child, a little boy, stopped, and immediately jerked himself backwards just as his bike stopped.  He managed to get his feet on the ground but barely.

I looked closer.

Then I realized what I was seeing.

Draped across the girl’s shoulders was a snake.

A snake.

A snake that hung down each side of her for two to three feet.  The snake had to be 8 to 10 foot long.  Or fifty.

                      I could not make myself draw a snake.  So it’s a jump rope.  

I thought I was going to throw up.

I did not dawdle.

Nor continue to look.

The girl was smiling.  I remember that much.  I was leaving.

Days later I am still asking myself….

There are some things I cannot unsee.

24 thoughts on “It’s Not A Jump Rope

  1. I saw a video last night of a guy on a motorcycle in some tropical area who suddenly lifted his legs up while a snake flew through the air attempting to bite him. It didn’t, and he just kept on a-going. The car behind him caught it on a dash cam. I had a strange nightmare about that long black snake last night. I guess tonight I’m going to be dreaming about jump ropes. 😉


  2. I am not afraid of snakes, but that sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Poor you, to have that image stuck in your head. I wonder where the adults were? You need to notify the snake herder!


  3. my wife’s kryptonite is a spider. Nonplussed, she dealt with everything a boy brings home – including a shot-dead rattlesnake in the freezer (many moons ago). But I’m called- desperately – when a spider is in the hall or bathroom!


  4. This was a very strange sight and it would make a very cool short story by Stephen King. . . I would love to know the family’s back story, Colleen.


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