Doesn’t Mean It’s For You

My friend and I went on a hike.

We picked a trail to traverse from beginning to end.

Then we would have to turn around and go right back.

We went 2.5 miles and came across a sign.

It told us to get on to the trail we were just on

Was in the opposite direction of where we had just come from.

We knew where we had come from,

And we knew where we had to go.

We trusted that.

And went where we had to go.

Not where the sign told us to go.

Lesson learned.

Don’t trust every sign.

Just because you see it,

Doesn’t mean it’s for you.

25 thoughts on “Doesn’t Mean It’s For You

  1. I’ve been lost so many times it’s hilarious! I truly rely on signs! πŸ™‚ Still, I think there is a lot to be said about what/who we look to for direction. We can sure get it wrong sometimes!


    • We joked about this sign. When we hike we rely on signs and am glad we didn’t need this sign, but it appeared to point people in a direction where there was no trail. Fortunately we weren’t looking!!!!


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