Not All Of Her Decisions

She was telling me about her life.

She cried.

I remained silent.

She told me that  not all of her decisions, quite honestly – many of them, were good ones.

She knows that.

And now she knows that the decisions of her past are impacting other’s present.

She has a difficult time knowing this.

There wasn’t anything I could do to change this.


30 thoughts on “Not All Of Her Decisions

    • I meet with a lot of people who look back like that. Sometimes are harder than others to listen to. What gives me hope for them is when they recognize them, don’t blame others, and are trying to make amends or changes. I see that too.


  1. Regret is a bitter feeling. It’s good to remember things that we’ve done, examine them and then put them away again. Moving forward and hopefully learning from our past. To be stuck in that place is so destructive.


  2. Listening can be so hard, but it is always worth the effort. Silence can speak volumes too, and can hold enormous wisdom. Sometimes you just have to allow someone to vent their spleen and give them a hug as you part.


    • And sometimes it’s hard to gauge exactly what the other person needs Peter. But fortunately it was what was needed. I really couldn’t do anything else. I couldn’t erase it for her. I couldn’t make it better or pretend it was just “going to be” better. So I said nothing. And she said what she needed to say. She vented that spleen Peter.

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