No Ugly Today

I witnessed something ugly.

And I started to write about it.

Because that’s part of what I do,

Pay attention to my day,

And take note of what happens.

Good and bad.


This was ugly.

And I didn’t want to dump it out into the world.

Not today.


I will just share some love.

I’d rather imagine sitting on the edge of the earth

With a child still untouched by hate

And show that child

The beauty that exists.

That’s what I’d rather do.

I’m choosing to not spread any ugly today.

68 thoughts on “No Ugly Today

  1. Spread the love not hate. Love this and the picture is so good. Do you sell your pictures? I would love this on a canvas…….


  2. I’m glad you didn’t spread the ugly, but the love and peace instead. Growing up my father always told me not to speak of the nasty things I heard or saw unless it would make a good change in the world. Sometimes it’s necessary to ‘spread the ugly’, but sometimes it’s best to keep it hidden πŸ™‚ I wish you a happy rest of the week, Colleen!


  3. Found your blog through a good friend of mineβ€”Mark Goodson’s Miracle of the Mundane. Whoa. Glad I came. The beauty of words is that they burrow much deeper than skin-deep. They inch their way into our souls and find rest in our hearts to effect a much larger change than we ever imagined. Glad I read this todayβ€”it helped redefine my perspective. Thank you!! – Dan Maurer


  4. And I was not in the mood for ugly. Thank you. I was just reading Beths post about the five people you want around you, she and you are thinking alike today. All positive.

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  5. Just a marvelous way of handling the “ugly” by ignoring it, Colleen! Don’t give it the “time of day!”
    The word “love” in the midst of the stars is precious. You think of all the details and make this come alive.


  6. I’ve missed you Colleen. Haven’t been on much -life has consumed me. When I come back, I always seem to find a post from you that speaks to why we should live in that positive space. That is how I prefer it. This is so perfect on many levels; while we confront the ugly everyday, why give ugly a place( sometimes necessary) when peace and serenity is a greater gift. And your drawing is a perfect reminder of that.


    • Hello MM πŸ™‚ Life has a way of doing this doesn’t it? I’m so very grateful you find positive here where my words live. And my little doodles. I know I sometimes need to write things ‘out’ to process them, but when I wrote this ugly out….I couldn’t find a reason to post it. Not now anyway. Writing it out didn’t help. I can’t imagine making others see it would either. So the peace I found with this little picture….I’m glad it spoke to you and others. It’s a much better thing to put out in the world. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


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