I Went To My Mom’s

I went to my mom’s.

My husband and I.

We took her to lunch.

At her favorite restaurant.

But we weren’t allowed to eat dessert.

Because she made cake for us at home.

We went to a nursery

To buy some snow in summer.

But they didn’t have snow in summer.

They had snow on the mountains,

But it wasn’t the same.

We went back to her home.

Sat in the sun

And ate some cake.

Chocolate cherry cake.

It’s one of the top three cakes in the world.

And fresh made iced tea.

It was hard to leave.

Knowing the best gift we could give her

Is having us there.

So I’ll go back to mom’s.

Even when it’s not Mother’s Day.

Because she deserves that.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.