Being A People

It’s not easy,

Being a people.

When some days,

The idea of being inanimate


Maybe a…..chair,

Or a boring book

That no one wants to pick up and read,

Seems much more appealing

Than being a people.

It will pass.

Mind you,

I don’t mean to imply being a chair or a boring book is easy.

But it surely beats

Feeling like an inanimate people.

21 thoughts on “Being A People

  1. Glad that you’ve recognized the merits of being human, even when sometimes it may be tempting to be an object instead (less hassle I guess, but also less meaning, too).


    • I’ve been fortunate Thomas, I’ve always recognized the merits of being human. Even when it’s been difficult. This was inspired by something I saw and have compassion for, of someone else’s journey. Just wanted to support their awareness and struggles.


  2. Seems more and more people are finding it difficult just being a people. I find it’s easier if I don’t think too hard about being a people, just let my people be itself. I sincerely hope that the inspiration for this finds their own people peace! Give them a hug from me.


    • I think that is a lovely way to be Peter. Being people without thinking too hard about it. I hope my inspiration for this finds his peace as well. He sure has a positive energy….I hope he can absorb some of it for him.

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  3. I’m in that space, Colleen. It isn’t easy being a people, I would prefer to escape to my literary world some days. Yet, being a people is what I enjoy; how fortunate I am, sometimes not so fortunate- oh well I shan’t gripe, how to sit and be, to listen, to not judge and most of all to be there for a friend who needs help carrying a burden, one I truly understand. Perfect post for me xx


    • Thank you for sharing MM. 🙂 It is so complex, being simply a people. How is it at once so simple and so confusing? I’m glad this one struck you. I wish all the ‘ones’ who needed something today….could find it.


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