Being A People

It’s not easy,

Being a people.

When some days,

The idea of being inanimate


Maybe a…..chair,

Or a boring book

That no one wants to pick up and read,

Seems much more appealing

Than being a people.

It will pass.

Mind you,

I don’t mean to imply being a chair or a boring book is easy.

But it surely beats

Feeling like an inanimate people.

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21 thoughts on “Being A People

  1. Thomas says:

    Glad that you’ve recognized the merits of being human, even when sometimes it may be tempting to be an object instead (less hassle I guess, but also less meaning, too).

    • I’ve been fortunate Thomas, I’ve always recognized the merits of being human. Even when it’s been difficult. This was inspired by something I saw and have compassion for, of someone else’s journey. Just wanted to support their awareness and struggles.

  2. “an inanimate people “, I’m chewing on this new phrasing of an old fear.

  3. ksbeth says:

    yes, there are those days…

  4. I think I’m having one of those day. Gulp. 😉

  5. Seems more and more people are finding it difficult just being a people. I find it’s easier if I don’t think too hard about being a people, just let my people be itself. I sincerely hope that the inspiration for this finds their own people peace! Give them a hug from me.

    • I think that is a lovely way to be Peter. Being people without thinking too hard about it. I hope my inspiration for this finds his peace as well. He sure has a positive energy….I hope he can absorb some of it for him.

  6. I’m in that space, Colleen. It isn’t easy being a people, I would prefer to escape to my literary world some days. Yet, being a people is what I enjoy; how fortunate I am, sometimes not so fortunate- oh well I shan’t gripe, how to sit and be, to listen, to not judge and most of all to be there for a friend who needs help carrying a burden, one I truly understand. Perfect post for me xx

    • Thank you for sharing MM. 🙂 It is so complex, being simply a people. How is it at once so simple and so confusing? I’m glad this one struck you. I wish all the ‘ones’ who needed something today….could find it.

  7. reocochran says:

    This is a new one on me, Colleen! I have wanted to be someone else or able to do this Cher thing, “Turn back time!”

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