There Was A Drug Bust

There was a huge drug bust in our part of the world very recently.

Like everyone else I know, I was relieved.  Relieved that our law enforcement was working to try and curb this enormous blight in our world.  The ravages of drugs are seen and felt every where.  And it’s horrific.  Children being born with life long problems that were 100% preventable.  If the baby escapes the perils of physical damage at birth they are being born into homes that are not capable of nurturing and supporting them.  Children are going to school unfed, uncared for and unprepared to be part of a learning environment.  The schools are overwhelmed.  The medical profession is now being used as a monitoring system for things they are not prepared to deal with.  Communities are trying to accommodate families in crisis.  There isn’t enough money to do all that needs done to repair what drugs are doing.

We are all dealing with things we are not prepared to deal with.

I celebrated the drug bust.

I was happy it was being addressed.

I followed the story.

The celebration has been short lived.

I know the realities of what drugs are doing.  You see it in the pictures of the persons arrested.  Though there is reason to be very appreciative of the work the law enforcement put in….there is more.

There are people so controlled by the beast of addiction you only see a shell of a human being in their arrest pictures.

There are people so willing to take advantage of another person’s addictions and suffering that they will produce and sell and destroy communities in their greed.  You can see it in the arrogance of their arrest pictures.

There are people who can still question how in the hell did they get here.  You can see it in the fear of their arrest pictures.

There are children that belong to those faces.

There are parents.

There are all kinds of people that know those faces.

All having, I would suspect, differing thoughts on what has happened.

Relief?  Finally, maybe he/she will get help.

Gratitude?  Finally, keep that scum out of our community.

Fear?  Being left alone.

Terror?  Who are these people I (child) now have to live with (foster? family?  friends?)?





I can’t deny my celebration of the hard work of the law enforcement.

But I cannot celebrate the destruction drugs are having on our world.  One person at a time.  It spreads out and impacts every single one of us in some form or another.  I cannot celebrate the crushing sadness I feel at what drugs are doing to humanity.  One person at a time.

Thank you law enforcement, I appreciate what you have done.

But I stopped celebrating.


28 thoughts on “There Was A Drug Bust

  1. Well said, Colleen. A scourge on communities everywhere, and in so many cases it’s children who suffer. I wonder, when the faces in the mug shots were children themselves, who were their role models? We seem to be running out of coping skills in this society.


    • We do seem to be running out Jim. It’s astounding how much of what I see (work related) comes back around to drugs. I would put it at the 80% mark I think. When I was working for APS I would put it at about the same level.


  2. You addressed a tough subject well, Colleen. I’m saddened to know that when a vacuum is created by a big drug bust other greedy vultures are ready to swoop down and fill it with their own brand of poison and the cycle once again starts over. While major battles can be won (and I too applaud honest hard-working cops for their victories), the war on drugs will never be won on the battlefield.


  3. Well said, Colleen. Drugs and what they stand for are the filthiest parts of our society and the world we live in; they attract the worst kinds of people to dole them out and they prey on the weakest of us.


  4. Very well stated. It is devastating to everyone involved with that one person’s addiction, downfall. What’s even more heartbreaking is the vultures that prey on the weak, beaten down, desperate in dire straights state of mind kid, adolescent and adult. Those vultures should be the first arrest.

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  5. I’m sorry to say it brings out the worst in me, thinking what I would like to see done to the unscrupulous, money grabbing individuals who prey on the addicts. It makes me less human, and for that I doubly condemn them.


  6. Today I heard again, how the majority of heroin addicts and overdoses are happening to people who were in accidents, were injured or had to endure a lot of pain. They were prescribed opiates … and when the prescription ran out, they were already hooked, and found it cheaper to get the drugs on the street. The medical community must step up and take responsibility too. It isn’t about “them” it’s about all of “us”. 💛
    Let us all let go of assumptions and judgements. This is closer to home than we think!

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    • I have long thought, and I’m not a brilliant thinker, that HOW are so many drugs out there (because MUCH of it is manufactured pharmacuticals) if the companies aren’t producing it. There has to be a prescription for the pharma drugs, and yet they keep getting discovered in massive amounts in illegal holdings. It is close, and I know it. It’s everywhere.

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