It Wasn’t A Book

Now it is.

I was very grateful for all of the feedback on this blog when

“Make Life Better”

Was profiled on “WordPress Discover”.

Initially it was created to be a book,

Then I just wanted to share it,

So I put it here for all of you.


If you still want the book….

Just click the picture and it will take you to the store.

If you enjoyed it plenty enough in blog form,

Thank you for that too.


27 thoughts on “It Wasn’t A Book

      • I have the same problem, Colleen. I’ve spent hours trying to work with the so-called “happiness” engineers who have NOT made me happy at all. My email is I will probably have to shut the blog down because when I can’t get to it myself without jumping thru so many hoops it just isn’t worth it. I am actively dying now, so one way or another I won’t be around long enough to worry about it any longer. I’ll try to change the address on it and see if that will help, but if not I;m just too tired to care any more. I;ve loved knowing you, consider myself a friend, I hope. Love you girl!


  1. I love this book and would enjoy this in the future! I chose “When I Was Little,” Colleen. I’m excited to read the set of five books I chose. Yours really looks like one that both kids and adults can share and talk about! xo πŸ’


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