My friend watched from the sidelines.

She saw the pitch come in.

And the next one.

And the one after that.

She described me as being in the batting cage.

And the automatic ball pitcher was pitching the hardballs to me.

At me.

And that automatic ball pitcher was out of control.

And I was trapped in that cage.

Or at least felt like I was trapped and couldn’t escape.

I love the analogy.

After thinking about this analogy I decided I didn’t want to escape the cage.  I wanted to ask for something.

I prayed for the grace to hit the pitches I can.

Be accepting that some, maybe even a lot, will get by me.

Give me armor for the ones that nail me.  Leaving me bruised – but determined.

And finally, to understand that getting hit might not be as difficult as knowing  those that get by,  will get by me no matter what I do.

37 thoughts on “Caged

  1. Keep swinging Colleen, but only at the balls worth swinging at. Many won’t be. They aren’t worth the effort and energy, and lead to poor results. You’re far more likely to get the results you want by focusing on the balls you were born to swing at. Thank you for the reminders and this great post.


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