Recognizing The Truth Of It

When you feel bad for feeling mad.

But you just can’t help it.

I’ve had plenty of education and training about feelings.

Recognizing the truth of what you feel

Can make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes it’s easier to label our emotions as something they are not.


Labeling something as anger

Instead of the truth of fear or frustration or powerlessness

May be easier in some regards.

But it’s not easier or better

In the processing of it all

If it isn’t the truth of it.

22 thoughts on “Recognizing The Truth Of It

  1. Powerlessness. I think that one may have just nailed mine on the head. Maybe that’s why I pull out all the “weapons” and arsenal terminiology I have to express how I feel? To feel some sort of control. Food for thought, my friend.


  2. Definitely truth in this. Always great when you can get to the heart of the matter. I had a psych-degree college roommate who was a natural. She could flawlessly diagnose my issue w/o a second thought. Such a blessing to me.


  3. We are taught that anger is “wrong,” while stuffing your feelings is also “wrong.” Expressing feelings is okay and being anger is sometimes appropriate and As Long As No One Attacks Someone; it is okay to express oneself and maybe yell due to frustration too! Let it out but don’t hurt someone who may be a good listener and buffer for you.


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