Nearly Excruciating

Today I sat in the brilliant sun.

I stared out at rolling earth that met with the endless celestial world

And I felt my heart at peace.

I sat with a friend and realized I wasn’t pushing myself to go, get to the next thing I have to do.

I was totally in the moment.

And pleased with the patience and peace I found in my soul. Β Having struggled all of my life with stillness – this was a gift that I can’t explain.

I felt my face heat up in the blaze of the sun. Β My eyes moved over water, over hill, over trees, over rocks.

My ears heard better.

My heart beat better.

My eyes saw clearly.


The power of knowing I exist

Was fleeting

Nearly excruciating

In it’s explosion of realization.

Life was amplified in the stillness.

I exist.




26 thoughts on “Nearly Excruciating

  1. I love this! I read a quote by Eckhart Tolle….the act of being, is without thought (paraphrasing here because I can’t remember the exact quote) I do know that it has created a lot of thinking on my part, and a lot of practicing to clear my mind. I’m happy you exist!


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