Change That Will Heal

Hearts can hurt.  There’s no way to deny it.  Even in the strongest of relationships pain can exist.  Pain does not predicate the permanent state of your heart.  Your heart is resilient.  Your heart is able to heal it’s self.  You don’t even need the first aide of another to heal what has been broken, torn or battered.

What you need…is faith.

Faith in the value of you.

Faith in the ability to heal.

Faith that you make the decisions that make the change that will heal your heart.

The amazing thing about hearts, is their elasticity.  The determination to get you through everything.

Even when it hurts….your heart continues to beat.

Even when it feels the agony of loss or fear or abandonment…

It beats.

For you.


23 thoughts on “Change That Will Heal

  1. Thank you for the reminder that our heart can feel shattered into a million painful pieces and crushed by tons of disappointment and betrayal, broken dreams, and promises, yet still keep beating as it gradually heals and eventually becomes even stronger.


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