36 thoughts on “The Voice Of Authority

  1. I relate to this. I lack confidence to believe there is only one answer. So, my Dad and my brothers do this more than I~ they’ll head off on a subject and after a ramble, they will finish with, “But who am I to know?” It cracks me up.
    Maybe having spent years as a single Mom I learned the old way of thinking of speaking my mind and then; only if asked by listener, “Really?” will I retract and ask, “But, what do you think?” πŸ™‚


    • I love your dad/brother’s line. My husband had a habit of also saying “you know what I mean?” after everything he said. I then added “jelly bean” to that. So it brought attention to what he said. Which has NOTHING to do with this post but your comment reminded me of it. πŸ™‚

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      • Maybe my comment didn’t also go along with this post either. Who knows which one of us will take off in a different direction?
        This was such a fun way to confirm what your husband said by having your “jelly bean” reply. Keeping it fun and showing you heard him. Things like this build bridges and bonds, Colleen.

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      • Thank you for saying this kind word about my Dad’s line, which my youngest brother Rich carries on. (He just naturally or unconsciously does this.)
        My grown kids mentioned this and I simply smiled. They “knew” it came from their Grandpa.

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