26 thoughts on “Before The World Interfered

  1. Oh – the innocence. Youth holds its steady pattern until outside signals wreak havoc. We have a way, however, of tuning in – switching channels – as we age which makes us realize the innocence may have just been naivety – blissfully unaware. Old souls don’t get to play innocent for long, do they?

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  2. Such was life when my younger brother and I were growing up. There is a line in the Johnsons song, “You are my sister” which says “Remembering Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know”. If you have a close sister I advise you to check out the song.
    That line speaks to me of the worlds we created and played in that were only in our imaginations and are still there today.
    Wonderful memories which continue to bind us all these years later.
    I read this this morning, (as I do all your posts on FB) and have enjoyed the memories it sparked all day Colleen.


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