I Didn’t Have A Goblet

I struggle to understand people.

People and their unwillingness or reluctance to be kind and forgiving, flexible or patient.

People and their aversion to consider a different perception.  Not change their own perception, but consider that it only makes sense that others have a different point of view.

I struggle to accept that these things exist in the very people I love.

So I spoke with my friend about my struggles.  And my friend told me to envision something.  To take a goblet, and take a drink of acceptance.

It was a very simple suggestion, albeit possibly an unlikely suggestion.

Almost too simple a suggestion.

But when I can’t begin to understand the reasons why – I may have to surrender to acceptance.

Well, not surrender.


Accept that I cannot change what is not within my powers.  And wishing is not a power.

Accept that it may not be them.

Accept that I may be the one who needs to change.


Envision a healthy dose of acceptance.

So I tried it.  Truthfully, I did.


I did not have a goblet.

I only had an energy drink.

I took a big gulp of acceptance powered by my energy drink.

Maybe that will help.  And I forgot about it for a few hours.

And by God!

With one healthy swig of acceptance and a few hours to metabolize it all…

I can clearly see