I Didn’t Have A Goblet

I struggle to understand people.

People and their unwillingness or reluctance to be kind and forgiving, flexible or patient.

People and their aversion to consider a different perception.  Not change their own perception, but consider that it only makes sense that others have a different point of view.

I struggle to accept that these things exist in the very people I love.

So I spoke with my friend about my struggles.  And my friend told me to envision something.  To take a goblet, and take a drink of acceptance.

It was a very simple suggestion, albeit possibly an unlikely suggestion.

Almost too simple a suggestion.

But when I can’t begin to understand the reasons why – I may have to surrender to acceptance.

Well, not surrender.


Accept that I cannot change what is not within my powers.  And wishing is not a power.

Accept that it may not be them.

Accept that I may be the one who needs to change.


Envision a healthy dose of acceptance.

So I tried it.  Truthfully, I did.


I did not have a goblet.

I only had an energy drink.

I took a big gulp of acceptance powered by my energy drink.

Maybe that will help.  And I forgot about it for a few hours.

And by God!

With one healthy swig of acceptance and a few hours to metabolize it all…

I can clearly see


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48 thoughts on “I Didn’t Have A Goblet

  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    Haha. Yup, but probably a little more than sometimes 😉


  2. Wow…Even I go through the same thoughts most of the time…and sometimes even I forget to accept others(knowing everyone has right to differ). Loved your writeup


  3. jupitermagic says:

    People and their aversion to consider a different perception. Not change their own perception, but consider that it only makes sense that others have a different point of view.

    that is because they are afraid that if they even think of others opinion they might be influenced by it or might lose their identity …


  4. Ii usually find wine works better than an energy drink at fostering a change in attitude.


  5. ksbeth says:

    so true! cheers to that –


  6. Ann Koplow says:

    Thanks for the healthy dose of energy and acceptance!


  7. Val Boyko says:

    Cheers Colleen 🍻


  8. LOL! I could relate to this as I was reading it because of a family member in my family. I am going to take this suggestion!


  9. True and sometimes hard to tell the darn difference. One of my challenges. 🙂


  10. I am willing to bet that you are absolutely right! I do so hate it when people insist that their view is the only view, and any other view is wrong.


    • I’m with you Peter. I used to tell my husband I did not expect him to AGREE with me and I was NOT telling him was wrong, I just wanted him to acknowledge I had a different perspective (this was a different husband….)

      Liked by 1 person

  11. reocochran says:

    Yes! Now, don’t worry about your own firm and caring positive outlook. You are undaunted, our “Super Colleen!” 🌟


  12. russtowne says:

    Methinks your friend is a treasure and a blessing with a goblet overflowing with Wisdom. I plan to drink from such a goblet more often. When I project my expectations on others I’m often disappointed. My life and my attitude improve when I accept others and focus on the blessings they provide for me by being in my life, and when I continue working on the person I want to be. Thank you for the reminder, Colleen. Methinks you are a treasure and a blessing to me.


    • You are super kind to me Russ. My friend deserves all of the kudos. I loved this piece of advice, it very clearly and simply told me how to handle ‘me’. Because I can’t do that projecting without getting let down. I love your comment Russ. Thank you so very much.


  13. Patty B says:

    Nice to see you again! I thought like me you took a hiatus only to find out somehow I lost you in my list of blogs I follow. Darn these updates!! Actually not to thrilled with wordpress’ new format. Guess I am getting old and don’t like change any more – Either way, glad I noticed that and now I am following you again.


  14. goldenbrodie says:

    Acceptance…everyone of us struggles with this. Anyone that says they don’t it in serious denial. I hear you…pass me that energy drink 🙂


  15. Haha. And a valiant effort, it was!


  16. Blue Settia says:

    I enjoyed this. When I read
    “I struggle to understand people.

    People and their unwillingness or reluctance to be kind and forgiving, flexible or patient.”
    I felt relieved that I am not the only one who has this struggle.
    I often feel misunderstood by the people closest to me…and aren’t they supposed to understand the greatest?
    I feel that some people are too proud, and unwilling to forgive a person for their mistakes or different opinions in life.

    But what can we do?

    Insightful read!


  17. Blue Settia says:

    You’re welcome! Indeed it is.

    Liked by 1 person

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