30 thoughts on “The View

  1. I love to walk alone, to see the world in solitude, but at other times I love to share the moment and as you so beautifully illustrated it helps make it ‘more’.


      • Growing up I remember I used to watch TV late at night and many nights I’d drag my younger brother out of bed insisting he watch a comedy with me as I always enjoyed it more with him. Not the same but not dissimilar.


        • It is not dissimilar (I like how you said that). On a little tangent off of that….I remember when I first married I went from a house with ten to a house of 2. I would find myself laughing at tv shows, turn to say something….and no one was there. I still remember those very sad moments.


  2. The reciprocal giving that takes place in relationship with our grandchildren is one of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures! You so frequently highlight that


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