Three Seconds

I approached him,

He was walking,

I was on my bike.

I saw his face

And said ‘hi’ with a smile.

His eyes opened wide with a return smile


He immediately threw me the ‘peace’ sign.

I caught it

As I passed him.

It doesn’t take a lot of time

To make an impression.

This one took three seconds.

And made my day.

3 sec = 0.00083333 hour

24 thoughts on “Three Seconds

    • The real deal peace sign Tric, not the way people have mangled it and made it look like a gangster symbol. It reminded me of when we were kids and we gave peace signs to the truckers as they passed us.


  1. A sincere Peace sign, this means a lot in these days where we don’t see a lot of open expressions between strangers. I like how you see this and know it will make all of us a little bit warmer. Thank you, Colleen! 🕊


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