Do Not Believe

Do not mistake my kindness-

For naivety.

Do not think my forgiveness-

Leads to my forgetting.

Do not think my mistakes-

Are for your gain.

Do not believe when I am gullible-

That I can not become wiser.

Do not trip me-

And think I will remain down.

Do not believe my reticence

Is cowardice.

Do not take my silence-

As believing.

Do not underestimate my intelligence-

Because of my need to question and ponder.

Do not think you have won-

Because you have landed a punch.

Do not think you have any power-

Due to any of my own failings.

Do not take from me-

And think you own my charity.

Do not mistake my anger-

For hate.

Do not think your lack of faith in me-

Is any indication of my ability.

Do not think your opinion-

Is my rule.

Do not presume true-

Whatever you think of me.