I Would Say I Embraced The Storm

This is not metaphorical

Or symbolic.

There are no literary devices at play today.

This, just was.

I found myself with nothing to do.

So I decided to take myself up the mountain.

There were no friends to make the climb social,

There was no purpose or goal to meet.

It was just something to do

To fill some time.

And something to do

That sounded like a good idea.

I went to the base and saw clouds in the far distance.

I went up the mountain

Hoping to sit and write

Or sit and draw

Or sit and breathe.

Because sitting on top of a mountain,


Is better than sitting on the couch,



When you are standing on top of the mountain

And the clouds envelope you.


The storm wraps it’s self around you.

If this was a brilliant literary piece

I would say I embraced the storm.


Because this is just about what was,

The truth needs told.

I turned

And ran like hell down the mountain.