I Am The Tree

I was the seed.  Planted by purpose or design or reason.

Once planted it took some time to burst out of the shell.

I was the determination to exist.

Once out of the shell it took time to sprout.

I was the energy to unfurl.

Once sprouted it took a tremendous amount of time to reach the surface.

I was the tenacity to reach.

Once upon the surface it seemed often times hard work to grow.

I was both fear and pluck.

Once growing commenced it sometimes happened without conscious thought.

I was both aware and unaware.

Once at the age of strength and youthfulness,I found it to be fleeting.

I was briefly panicked and resentful of the loss.

Once youth passed into maturity

I was eagerness anew, to grow some more, adding layers.

Once the core and the bark of me showed scarring and decay

I was character in the making.

Once I reached the sky beyond the limits

I was wisdom.

Once I was wisdom

I was at the beginning of my purpose, design, or reason.


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189 thoughts on “I Am The Tree

  1. Beautiful Colleen, thank you for sharing it here! ♡
    Diana xo

  2. ksbeth says:

    and each tree goes in it’s own time and way – beautiful

  3. ivors20 says:

    Your words are beautiful, the sweetness of a fruit tree, and with the tang of a citrus tree.

  4. …and surely I see an acorn on the ground, ready to start the path to grandeur and enlightenment. That sounds a little pompous and pretentious but we know what I mean!

  5. Edoma's Take says:

    The purpose or the reason of life

  6. Simply loved your post! I am all smiles 🙂 🙂
    May I share with you a link to my post that I wrote about a seed sprouting and growing?

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  8. This is fabulous, Colleen, one of the most insightful pieces, ever. ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

  9. Debra says:

    I love this, Colleen! I do talk to the trees, as you must, too! Beautiful!

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  11. Thanks Colleen.I appreciate it

  12. jjinz says:

    There is always an element of pain and struggle when it comes to personal growth. Thank goodness the wounds heal and we are left with greater knowledge and wisdom.

    Your words were very nicely expressed

  13. How beautiful!! These trees nourishes us and the nature. Giving us life!! Hope to value the nature and in return give same love and care!! Beautiful post !! Thank you for giving the privilege of reading the treasure.

  14. Wow that was an amazing message! 😀 Very useful and appreciated because it helps me remember I am a tree!

  15. Sarah says:

    Very insightful!

  16. shubham1102 says:

    Very nice… Beautiful indeed loved it!

  17. Your thoughts are very beautiful mam!!!

  18. noonespecial says:

    beautiful circle of life! I love things that starts at the end: Maybe it´s somthing about hope: I don´t no. What is the difference between purpose and reason? Reason, for exemple, that someone sppit out a cherry stone….so this ist the reason, why the tree starts to grow? And purpose is about what is happening until the tree die? the sense of his beeing?

    • Great contemplations. I am always amazed by the circle of life stories and process. And the things that happen vs don’t happen that make us what and where we are.

  19. KSAK says:

    the path of our life in such simple words…well written….good

  20. hiralgajara says:

    What made u write this? Its beautifully written, no doubt. 😊

  21. intenttowin says:

    Sometimes I only feel like a weed…thanks for the beautiful words.

  22. goswamibindu says:

    I love this… ❤

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  24. jittusimon says:

    i wish i could express like this..✌

  25. thelongview says:

    I love trees, and your poem so beautifully captures all that is wonderful about them! Thank you!

  26. Most beautiful thing on the internet right now.❤

  27. Beautiful..Thanks for sharing

  28. headdome says:

    Perfect ending 🙂 – loved it ^^

  29. I so love this, beautifully written and so very relevant for where I am right know… someone between the reaching the surface and reaching the sky with much more room to grow

  30. The journey of seed to tree, the fears and joy. So sensitively written.

  31. Beautiful. Today, I crossed the path of some magical trees with a great spirit 🙂

  32. Brooklyn's Corner says:

    Those words came from your soul. Beautiful. I would like more please.

  33. jjinz says:

    Enjoying the connectedness here.

  34. Manabchakma says:


  35. Srijana says:

    A story of all things living

  36. unpavedwords says:

    Each word is amazingly beautiful.

  37. L.Clegg1978 says:

    Beautiful blog post, I enjoyed reading your blog, “I Am The Tree”. Thank You!

  38. Razia says:

    Beautiful! It is well said by a poet that “I am greenery, I will grow there, where ever you sow.”

  39. Brooklyn's Corner says:

    This post is going on my son’s wall. Thank you for giving these inspirational words.

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  41. shastingrace says:

    Beautiful! I have always felt so inspired by the tenacity of trees. Love!

  42. itssmegg says:

    Wow, this was very meaningful! Great job!

  43. deepdwellers says:

    So thought provoking… Nice piece

  44. Great blog!!!! I really like your perspective.

  45. I.R.Singleton says:

    Super imagery. I enjoyed reading this.

  46. I like how you portray deep thoughts with simple layout!

  47. Reblogged this on Where My Soul Sleeps and commented:
    I love this. That is all. 🙂

  48. This is so inspirational in every way. I love it.

  49. Yes! “Both aware and unaware! ” Simple and yet complex words.

  50. Owais Ashraf says:

    Beautiful words. Loved it.

  51. Great thought. .loved it !!

  52. Namrata says:

    Beautifully written. I feel inspired. Looking forward to read more from you 🙂
    Also if you may check out my blog, and offer some suggestions, it’ll be quite helpful 🙂

  53. Reading through it puts your through the imagery of life with each line highlighting a stage of it ! 😊 So beautiful. ✌🏻👍🏻

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  55. is there a way to learn poetry or you are just born with this unfair talent?

    • You are too kind. I don’t write thinking poetry. I usually think in very chopped sentences, and sometimes I write like that and some people call it poetry. Thank you very much.

  56. I usually ignore poetry, but I found this worth reading to the end.

    Seeing myself through the seed growing to a tree, I felt wiser at the end.

    Thanks for sharing such a good piece.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this Joshua Munywoki. It’s interesting, I don’t write “as” poetry. Though once I have it written I sometimes tag it as poetry. But to me…I never think “I think I’ll write a poem”. I’m glad you felt something and took the time to share that with me.

  57. Eekisha1308 says:

    Gorgeously written. Excellent

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