I Am The Tree

I was the seed.  Planted by purpose or design or reason.

Once planted it took some time to burst out of the shell.

I was the determination to exist.

Once out of the shell it took time to sprout.

I was the energy to unfurl.

Once sprouted it took a tremendous amount of time to reach the surface.

I was the tenacity to reach.

Once upon the surface it seemed often times hard work to grow.

I was both fear and pluck.

Once growing commenced it sometimes happened without conscious thought.

I was both aware and unaware.

Once at the age of strength and youthfulness,I found it to be fleeting.

I was briefly panicked and resentful of the loss.

Once youth passed into maturity

I was eagerness anew, to grow some more, adding layers.

Once the core and the bark of me showed scarring and decay

I was character in the making.

Once I reached the sky beyond the limits

I was wisdom.

Once I was wisdom

I was at the beginning of my purpose, design, or reason.


189 thoughts on “I Am The Tree

  1. There is always an element of pain and struggle when it comes to personal growth. Thank goodness the wounds heal and we are left with greater knowledge and wisdom.

    Your words were very nicely expressed

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  2. beautiful circle of life! I love things that starts at the end: Maybe it´s somthing about hope: I don´t no. What is the difference between purpose and reason? Reason, for exemple, that someone sppit out a cherry stone….so this ist the reason, why the tree starts to grow? And purpose is about what is happening until the tree die? the sense of his beeing?

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  3. Beautifully written. I feel inspired. Looking forward to read more from you 🙂
    Also if you may check out my blog, and offer some suggestions, it’ll be quite helpful 🙂

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