25 thoughts on “Healthy Fear

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Colleen. I learned early to watch what happened to others! I saw consequences meted out to others based upon their deeds and decisions, and figured out early what “worked” and what “didn’t work!” Healthy fear, indeed!


    • Thank you Debra. I don’t see ‘all’ fear as a bad thing. It’s kind of like stress. From all I’ve read over the years there are good stressors that our bodies/lives need and respond well too. I feel the same way about ‘fear’.


  2. I’m going to have to think about this one. An understanding of consequences is definitely a good thing. Not sure how I feel about the fear part. I need to digest the idea. The drawing is great.


    • Carolin, I suspected when I wrote this that there would be some question regarding the use of ‘fear’ as healthy. Like I told Debra, I liken it to what I learned about ‘stress’ over the years. Not all stress is bad. Though when we use the word stress it usually indicates something bad. But we need, and respond to, many different variations of stress. I feel ‘fear’ is in the same category. I know that fear can be a horrible thing (I’ve experienced it). But it can also be something that helps us. Keeps us safe and aware. Yes, it can be debilitating. One small example, when I was growing up I used to say I feared upsetting/disappointing/angering my parents. Someone said to me as a young adult that I didn’t ‘fear’ my parents, I respected them. That was the truth, but there was still truth in I feared hurting them or disappointing them. It helped me make many decisions along the way. And when we have decisions to make….my fear of hurting them was often part of my decision making. I hope that makes sense.


  3. like tric, i tended to be the one to try things hands-on, and learn for myself what happened after. I’m not big on the fear approach, but understanding consequences makes sense. i’ll get there one day….


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