29 thoughts on “A Lot

  1. I’m all for reflecting, pondering and questioning … and I try not to get caught up in all the other stuff that comes with our ability to think! Thanks for the ponder Colleen 💛


  2. There’s a mathematician, I believe it was Renee Descartes, who spent a lot of time in bed because it’s where he did his best thinking. He loved to lie there and think. I remember thinking, this is my kind of guy!


    • That makes me feel better. I don’t like lying in bed. But I can find myself sitting (if the world allows it) and going a bazillion miles a minute. Though truthfully, it happens while others are talking to me too. 😉

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  3. Taking time for thinking , perhaps when we have not had that time much, is an awesome gift. It is a beginning ….
    Over time we see that we are not our thoughts. They come and go. An other interesting experience comes into this awareness 💛


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