And That’s How I Love My Country.

How can I love my country?


I get up every day and go to work.

I pay my bills.

I don’t slander her.  I don’t tear her down.

I stand up for the National Anthem (and most times I tear up hearing it).

I try to live in a manner that will not embarrass my country.

On the occasions I have the good fortune (saved up!) to travel, I do my best to represent America well.

I do what I can to help others in need.

I have opinions and I listen to other’s opinions.

I don’t speak on matters I do not know enough about, though I will listen, and I will ask questions.

I acknowledge there are problems.  My country is not perfect.  But I will defend her.  Because perfect or not, I am an American.

I acknowledge I either become part of the problem.  Or I become part of the solution.  It’s a choice I recognize I have.  Or I do nothing, also a choice.

I do what I can to not be a burden on my country.

I know my country is not a politician.  It is the people.

I appreciate the cultures and diversity.  I’m intrigued by my country.

I believe in my country.  I do not agree with everything as it was, or with all that everyone thinks should change.

I must meet what is expected of me by my country.

I do not turn on her, and all of the men and women who have done more for this country than I, when things get rough.

I do not lump all Americans together when one (or many) Americans do something stupid.  We are individuals with the right to make our own decisions regarding our behaviors.

I see my country through my eyes and my experiences.  I do not let anyone else define her for me.

And that, is how I love my country.

Happy Birthday America.

74 thoughts on “And That’s How I Love My Country.

  1. A great description of how most people think. Perfectly to the point! Everyone adapts to the external conditions so far that it is comfortable to live. Hopefully, there are also a few people who direct these conditions into decent tracks…


  2. What beautiful and wise words about your country! I love my country, Norway, too – especially the rural parts of it and above all, the mountains. Hiking with my Mum are MOMENTS for me, highlights of my life, really. Since I have a small fan-club in America, I somehow feel I know parts of your country, too. The fan-club (family of my Mum’s and Dad’s) certainly are very nice people!


  3. How beautiful it is, to see you all beeing contented and happy! Yes, I think everyone loves his home country and, in addition, almost everyone has a connection to people in other countries and is also happy to know and love them. It should be like this!


  4. You do America proud! And I think in times like these, where civility has “flown the coop,” this is a very positive and excellent reminder of how I also want to live and represent my love for this country. Collectively we are so much stronger than when we turn on each other! So true!


  5. You are so right. Your country is so much more than one person. It has evolved over many years and will continue to do so. You can only do your best to do it proud.


  6. I was quite busy over the week of the Fourth! I am all about the individuals who make up our country, no two alike, all special in one way or another. Sentimentally, I know God wants me to find each person’s best. After all He made each of us. . .
    You expressed a lot of how I feel, Colleen. This was a very special tribute to America and being an American.


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