He, In Turn

I give my books away to a lot of people.

I’ve given them to nurses or doctors for caring for me or someone I love.

I’ve given them to store clerks who have been very kind.

I’ve given them to waiters and waitresses who are working hard.

I’ve given them to others who have done kind things for me or others.

I’ve given them to people I want to make smile (presumptuous of me but that’s my hope).

I’ve given them to people who have made ME smile.

I’ve given them to people who’s own work I have enjoyed.

I have probably given away many more than I have sold.

Because I, quite honestly, suck at the selling part of it.

But I don’t usually get to see people’s reaction to the book it’s self.

To the message(s) that are within.

And if any of what I write or create, means anything to the reader-

I mean, I don’t get to see it.

I sent this man my books because I love what he is doing.  I love his “Corcovado” and the community he is building, near and far.

If you care to learn about him, check out all of his videos.

But this video made my day.  My week.  My month.

This past Thursday I came home from work.  Got me a little bit of a snack and logged in to see his newest video.   It’s my routine Thursday treat.

And at 6:44 into the video….

Well, you’ll see.

He’s my favorite this week.  Month.

I sent him my books to add to his library.  He, in turn, gave me such a lovely gift of showing me his reaction to my books.

I feel a little embarrassed about sharing this.  But am so grateful to him for his reaction I wanted to share it.

Thank you Dave Erasmus.  You are my favorite this day.

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28 thoughts on “He, In Turn

  1. markbialczak says:

    You are reaching out and making a difference in the world TO people who are making a difference in our world. Fantastic, Colleen. Really, truly, fantastic, to see him flip through your books with such joy at receiving them.


  2. ivors20 says:

    I’ve just finished watching the video clip, so very heartwarming, and fully comprehend happiness of today/week/month. I’m smiling for you ♡♡


  3. That was the best testimonial…happiness in opening of any page ! Well done, Colleen. Congrats ! He is special.


  4. We just got some merchandise for our band and I’m totally thinking we will give most of it away. It’s good promotion and much more fun…and here is the evidence!


  5. tarafaherty says:

    I can’t imagine any other kind of reaction to your art- it is pure and genuine and refreshing! I love that he shared his reaction with the world, but mostly because you got to witness it ❤


  6. ksbeth says:

    i love what he does, and love what you’ve done with your books. talk about a candid response, nothing more genuine, he was clearly happy with your gift and loved them. you couldn’t have a better review, could you? did you ever tell him they were from you?


    • I did Beth. Well, I emailed him and left him a comment on the video. I don’t know that he’s seen it yet. I think for the rest of my life if I need a pick me up I will go to that video (or any of his, I really appreciate his presence). 🙂 Thank you !


  7. russtowne says:

    Cool! I love his expressions of delight when experiencing your books!


  8. What a lovely man, and what a lovely lady you are too Colleen. I can well imagine how pleased you were, and are, to see his reaction.


  9. reocochran says:

    Wow! A gift that gives and receives back joy! I love this!!!

    (I would save this and find a way to keep it on a flash drive.)


    • I will try to do that Robin 🙂


      • reocochran says:

        His spontaneous response was priceless. You know how this works up your day? I came back to watch it again! Same effect, it’s not going to wear off how touching this video is, for my friend, Colleen. 😊 👏
        The new building Dave is making is so cool! I like his partners “jacked up” van with the burned edged wood panels. 🚐


  10. reocochran says:

    works means “perks.” Sorry about this!

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