The World To Me

I have a picture of me with my children.

It’s a picture someone took from behind us,

As we watched a parade.

Years from now,

Maybe even now,

Others might not know who it is.

But it’s one of my favorite pictures of us.

I never quite figured out why.


Until tonight when I was thinking of the picture.

And I thought,

It’s allure and draw,

What captures my heart every time,

Is that in that moment,

And hopefully so many other moments,

We are looking at the world.


And I like that.

I want to always know that what I see,

And who I see it with

Is the world to me.

34 thoughts on “The World To Me

  1. ‘Looking at the world together’ – that is a lovely line. it is how I see a family unit, when I think of spending time with my family, I also think of looking at the world together and learning new things together. It’s a strengthening bond.


  2. Reblogged this on twliii and commented:
    This is what God wants too!
    A loving relationship with You!

    the one who created the heavens and the earth
    has called you to walk along with Him
    to see what He sees
    to know what He knows
    to believe what He believes
    about everything He sees

    What a beautiful privilege
    to know God
    and fellowship with Him on earth.

    Liked by 1 person

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