So I Paused

I was returning to work.

I stepped out of my vehicle.

And floating in the air

Winding it’s way between buildings

Washing in waves over trees

I heard it.

The notes of the symphony playing, live.

And I thought

How lovely.

And what a treat.

So I paused,

As I should have.

I believe the surprise joy of it

Was better than having planned to go hear it.


57 thoughts on “So I Paused

  1. Yes. I had a violin teacher living across my street, and every once in a while you would hear something enchanting. It would carry you away for those few moments. What a nice surprise.


    • Regular, I hear music, which enchants me on youtube. I feel very touched, because I love the music and feel so adressed. This is always the most wonderful surprise. Afterwards I feel sad, because I want to hold this moment. No, actually I want to be there and see and hear it live!


  2. I’m smiling to myself, thinking, I wonder if my neighbours like my music that’s been blaring away, quite loudly, I should be ok, but doesn’t everybody love Bob Dylan, especially, this “Chimes Of Freedom” 4 pack CD, performed by various artists, honouring the 50 years of Amnesty International, hmmm, It’s already been playing(Loudly) for over “3 hours”, Yep, The great man did win the Noble Prize in Literature, I reckon that’s my answer to any of my fractious locals, and may peace be with you to !!


  3. what a surprising post. It makes me happy. Again a post evreybody can take out, what he need for his heart! Surprising joy is wonderful!Thank you!


  4. How absolutely fantastic to be in that moment and feel the notes wrap around you. You paused too – perfectly perfect. Life’s beautiful surprises are always the best gifts aren’t they?

    Music is very much ‘that’ to me. Something to wrap myself in. I play the piano just to let the music in and open my heart to it and sometimes when my daughter plays I skip around the house, folding laundry, feeling so much better, just because it exists.


  5. It was a serendipitous moment for rainbow waves of notes lifting your sprits as you floated along with them!! I loved your “air” painting, Colleen! 🌈


  6. I had this “notes of the symphony playing, live wonderful-moment” yesterday. A rainbow, a lovely face and unexpected parts of music… was the best thing happend since months!


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