It Could Be Something Else As Well

We are elegance and grace.

In our power.

Whether we are dancers.

Or hammer swingers.



We are brave.

Or is  it defiance.

In our stance.


We cower to hide….


Or is it to preserve and value.

We think, we ponder and we contemplate.

Or is it confusion.


Whatever it is.

It could be something else as well.


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34 thoughts on “It Could Be Something Else As Well

  1. Val Boyko says:

    How we think about things creates our world. Lets dance 💛


  2. Graham says:

    Nice. Beautifull observations


  3. Ann Koplow says:

    Your posts are something else, Colleen. Thanks for the elegance, grace, and contemplation.


  4. Things aren’t always what they seem, Colleen. ♡
    Diana xo


  5. ksbeth says:

    it is our inner power, our will –


  6. noonespecial says:

    thank you coleen, yes thats you power inside! With great words and great pictures! And of course it is something else as well…other eyes other sights….I pray to good, that the right moment, the right mood, brings the right situation to change in happiness!


  7. It’s very nearly always something else as well. Although I have a simple mind, it’s complicated!


    • noonespecial says:

      Thank you Peter, for the bridge. There are always people who think twice, more, and deeper than others. My grandma always told me, when I was sad and desperate : ” It is never simple, if you take it twice!”…For some people it´s complicated, I really can imagine. But maybe it is possible to risk certaines steps with sombody “simple”. Search for somebody simple, who tried always to understand, altough his mind was never prepared for this. You can trust that this person will be interessted in every cell of your person and never will hurt you. If a simple person loves, she will never hurt

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    • Simple minds think clearly. It appears complicated because others can’t think that simply. We are unique Peter. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • noonespecial says:

        o.k. coleen, you won, thinking simple is relative…sorry if this was coming out wrong. I didn´t want to say that somebody is more complicated, when he is thinking more than me…I just wanted to say, sometimes I wished we could react like dogs, in a simple way of friendship.


        • Oh NooneSpecial….my apologies. When I answer comments I do not always see “all” of the comments, so when I replied to Peter I was replying to something in his comment and didn’t see your reply until after I posted that. And I didn’t respond to your comment because it looked like it was for Peter. 🙂 I always see your comments as acts of friendship. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • noonespecial says:

            Dear Coleen, there is no need for apology. So much better, if your answer was not for me, so I could review my comment anyway….: )..and learned by reading…: )…for me,it´s really hard to follow you guys here, but it is very interessting and expanding.


            • Oh Noonespecial…..truth be told, it is often difficult for me to follow the comments. Sometimes I am not sure of the tone or the meaning of something. I think everyone tries very hard though because we have so many people with different languages. I think it’s a lovely community. And I’m glad you are part of it.

              By the way, I feel bad when I write “Noonespecial”. Because you are, we all are. So I think I will shorten your name when I write to you, to “Special”. If that is okay. 🙂

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              • noonespecial says:

                ohhhh, this is nice, it´s like, to pass something with distinction …yes I´m proud if you call me “special”. And the translation problem is hard…I really regret, that I never cared about languages….and I can tell you, german is really bad…it sounds hard and the language is also hard. I had onve a letter-friend in england…he was always complaining my hard words in the letter….but, anyway, it´s phantasic to have people from all over the world around!


  8. Your words and your drawings always so lovely!


  9. Debra says:

    So true, Colleen. Some of your illustrations mirror yoga poses, as well. It is a good idea to keep our judgements as flexible as possible. 🙂


  10. Anie Abraxas says:

    I like the Asana, you chose for your picture, Colleen!


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