The Wanting

It’s so easy to wish….

…….and wish……..

…………and wish.

And wonder why goals are not met.  Desires are not fulfilled.  Dreams are never lived.

Sometimes I have to remind myself

That the wanting of something

Is never enough

To have it.

Step off of the wishmill.

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49 thoughts on “The Wanting

  1. ivors20 says:

    We do wish, and we do dream, and then your last two lines,
    “To have it.
    Step off of the wishmill”.
    Absolutely poignantly perfect, and I’m smiling to myself again…..


    • Thank you Ivor 😉 I find myself often on the wishmill wondering why things don’t ‘just happen’. I don’t mind a wish or a dream. But doing nothing just keeps them a wish and a dream. 🙂


      • ivors20 says:

        There’s a famous Aussie catch phrase over here, “Don’t just stand there, Dooo’ something”


      • Anie Abraxas says:

        I find myself also often on the wishmill, knowing that doing nothing, just keeps them a wish and a dream. A big problem is to know, what you have to do, and being paralysed because not knowing. But you talked already about little steps. And I think once, you catched fire, everything will be easier.


  2. I love it… simple, yet so accurate


  3. special says:

    oh coleen this is really again very wonderful accurate, combined with the picture. I can imagine running inside the wishmill, which goes faster and faster….it does not only hurt it is also exhausting. Hopefully the speed goes down, by realisation step by step, to be able to jump out soon.


  4. ksbeth says:

    and into your life…)

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  5. I see a young person on the wish mill, espying a handsome youth, or maiden, stopping abruptly, and falling head over heels in love!

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  6. So very true!! Awesome post!!


  7. Terrific stuff.

    Buddhism in an espresso cup. Don’t want in the first place and you eliminate the needless suffering.

    The graphic made me laugh too. That hamster wheel seems endless doesn’t it? At least our hamster wheels are powering something: our blogs if nothing else…


    • There you go Mark….I can see the blog in that spinning wheel.

      I will say I have learned to ‘want’ less ‘things’. But there are things I ‘wish’ to accomplish. Funny how even striving to do something positive can be full of fear…stepping out of our comfort zone to ask for help, or to promote something we believe in.

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  8. goldenbrodie says:

    The wishmill says it all…love, love, love this…wanting and wanting and wanting…destroys. There is something to be said for getting to it…trying…failing…while not having ones head in the clouds and being real.

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  9. Debra says:

    Well done, Colleen! I have a number of wishes that could use a little muscle behind them!


  10. Anie Abraxas says:

    I´ll keep on trying. I just have to think very well, what exactly I can try, to have at least a little chance of sucess.


  11. Anie Abraxas says:

    just to inform you, did two steps outside the wishmill…I jumped again in the car, and I tried to make a call…both failed…it was obviously not the right step..: (….o.k. so I´m again here….I wish everybody a nice start for the weekend….


  12. True. You’ve gotta work for it. Darn it!


  13. Oh dear, a work in progress I am Colleen. That wanting and wishing… I’m working on it everyday. Mark said Buddhism in an espresso cup! how perfectly apt. Raised a Buddhist, I try to live aware, of the wanting, wishing to fulfill but never really doing so..oh well, as long as I am present and aware I suppose. Not easy that.


  14. reocochran says:

    It is sometimes not easy to reach dreams and wishes. I have come to the place in my life I believe in accepting what is possible and should something extra happen: voila! I have had several very effortful and productive periods in my life, though! 🙂
    Colleen, I liked this as a great motivation for someone who has not achieved very much but has the potential to do so. . . 🌠


  15. taylormitch says:

    Think about being mindful. Instead of focusing on bigger goals that you may or may not accomplish, begin each day by setting a small intention that will help you reach your goal. Works wonders!!


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