By The Road

I was traveling for work today.

I was driving through a different city in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Suddenly I saw two boys, probably around ten years old each, running from between some houses.

I slowed down thinking they were going to run into the street.

Instead, they each stopped right by the road, standing in the grass between the sidewalk and the curb.

A car was approaching from the other direction and they started waving madly at that car.

I couldn’t see what the other car did.

As I pulled closer they started waving madly at me.

With huge smiles on their faces.

I waved back.

That was all they wanted.

And all I needed.


With all that is going on in this world I’m heart glad for the reminders that children know what matter.

49 thoughts on “By The Road

  1. yes Colleen, these are some magic moments. Kids nowadays are doing natural things, less. I think because their parents told them not to do, or friends told them that it is uncool. But some of them you can animate…: )….if you see a child observing you ( they do a lot), you have to wave…they will turn away first, and after a while they will come back observing, and sometimes waving..; )

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  2. ‘The more things change the more things stay the same’. Hopefully something future generations will continue to do, interacting with real humans. Bet you wore a big smile afterwards.

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  3. you are right Peter, and I didnยดt wave today, because I was too surprised…awed by too much family around, and not knowing if Iยดm welcome at the party….but at least I waved a little girl standing next to my table.

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  4. How unexpected, right? LOL! On my recent Amtrak travels I couldn’t believe how many people still stand by the side of a railroad track and wave at the passengers on the train. I always waved back. It makes me happy to know that at least two children aren’t so sophisticated and self-conscious that they miss out on simple playful gestures. I’m sure you smile every time you think of them!

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