The Truth of A Simple Statement

There stands a mountain before me.

And I mean that in the most basic, non-metaphorical, exact meaning.

I stand,

And there is an actual mountain in front of me.

The truth in this simple statement seemed to stand on it’s own.

And standing with a mountain just feels incredible.

22 thoughts on “The Truth of A Simple Statement

  1. I know this mountain and it is so hard to decide which way to chose to climb. My conditions are so bad and also I have to be well rested to climb.But I will, and I will soon!


  2. Awesome view! A mountain reminds me that there are bigger forces at work and in the grand scheme of things, perhaps my little consequential worries aren’t all that immense. You had a lovely encounter, I see!


  3. Awww, such a lovely response from Beth! ❤
    A grand mountain is something which should always bring us to our heights and sometimes to our knees. Your simple statement adds to our lives and lifts us up onto a mountain top, Colleen.


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