25 thoughts on “Unspoken

    • Yes, the person hears okay. I can only tell you how I meant it when I wrote it, others may apply other meanings to it, but it’s about the silent thoughts that we have….and the way they may escape through our sighs. Wordlessly they escape.

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      • Hm I miss my first comment, I already wrote something, this is quiet strange. I think, you are all very clever here. I can not keep up and do not write, that this is wrong. So forgive me if I do not always have an opinion, if I simply do not understand it, or I fall asleep from fatigue because I have to read everything twice. Your poem is great, Colleen, and can be interpreted again in so many directions.Which thoughts can, how formulated, leave the brain? I know this situation very well and the opposite I know almost better. Which thoughts would have been better not formulated and would have been better stayed inside the head. Very whimsical feeling only move between two extremes, that can not be good.
        In your picture, I found very remarkable that the thought bubbles are so neat in a series …..


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