I Wake Up

When I wake up each day.

With my coffee, or juice, or tea or milk.

As I walk out the door.

I hope-

For my senses…

My Eyes.  My Thoughts.  My ears.  My Fears.  My Touch.  My Curiosity.  My Smells.  My Empathy.

To be greeted.  With kindness.  With wonder.  With warmth.

I will eagerly move through the day.  Not being moved.  But being the motivation, it’s self.

There will be no time wasted.

If I pay attention for the cost of existence.

And accept the experience I pay for, with my time spent.

When I wake up each day.


25 thoughts on “I Wake Up

  1. This is a positive way to greet each day, a blank page to fill up with all of the joys your senses take in. I like how you are also in this poetic experience called life, the impetus to “add” to the bank account. You are the motivation itself! Perfect and a brand new way of saying this, Colleen. 💖
    Copyright, please!! 😂


  2. What a marvelous way to move through a day and through life. You’ve provided an excellent description of “being present,” and that’s sometimes very hard to to share in words. And you even added illustrations! 🙂


    • Thank you Debra. Sometimes I see a ‘drawing’ in my head before I even draw it and the words come later. Sometimes it’s the other way around. This one was a mixture. And it made me move through the day a little more aware. 🙂

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  3. It’s always amazing how productive you are colleen and in what kind of quality! You are a very extraordinary person and I admire you. You can read so much from the text and the pictures. About the importance of time, gratitude, learning, give and take, caring and beeing present. Many Thanks!


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