It Wasn’t Measured Or Scored

For most of the day I followed behind them.

He was taller.  Broad in the shoulders.  Strong.

She was, by default now, shorter.  Petite.  Strong willed.

Every where she went, he looked after her.

Everything she did, he helped her.

Everything he did, she admired.

Every where he went, she wanted to go.

One wouldn’t do anything without considering the other.

One wouldn’t take anything unless there was enough for the other.

When he laughed he wanted her to understand it.

When she hurt she wanted him to make it better.

Neither seemed to mind the other helping.

And in the moments when they disagreed about something, they disagreed and moved on.

I admired their give and take.  It wasn’t measured or scored.  It was what each of them needed when they needed it.  It was what each of them was willing to do for the other.

I admired them.  All day.  As I watched over them.  Because no matter how mature their relationship is you can’t leave a five year old boy and his three year old sister alone at the zoo.