Calm Nothing

I spent an entire day…..right here.

I tried talking myself into doing something.

It seems myself didn’t want to be talked into doing anything.

A perfect day for biking, hiking, and exploring.

And I stayed home.

I avoided the world.

Not for any specific reason.

And I found I had to repeatedly give myself permission.

Permission to not do, to not accomplish, to not make myself be part of the world.

I love doing.

But today….I luxuriated in calm.

In calm nothing.


42 thoughts on “Calm Nothing

  1. Haha, way down in the southern hemisphere, Ivor is also partaking of a nothing day, and trying to stay warm again. Just a bit of blogging, and listening to my music. Absolutely loved your gorgeous drawing of your lounge and bookcase, with books, photos, and other nick-nacks .


  2. “clam nothing” is an excellent term, Colleen. I had too many of those days. Not always “clam”, but definitely “nothing” They make me crazy. Strangely, I do not have the impression that I am avoiding the world, but the opposite. I am interested in much too much and I am so mind-tired in a very short time, that I go into the “calm nothing” and nothing happens at all.
    I now need my permission. The permission to slowly open my eyes and slowly grasp things. Things I do not understand, I can not cope at the moment … I have to start with the things I understand, so I get out of the “calm nothing” mode, because there is so much to do. The picture is excellent. Bicycle is getting a bit long in the tooth?


    • You seem to know what you need to do Anie. That’s always a good place to start. I hope you can gradually come to cope with what you need to cope with.

      The bicycle is a favorite of mine. I love the very old “high wheelers”. My husband and I have a few of them. And I just love them. To me bicycles are freedom!!


  3. It sounds like you needed to recharge your batteries, and sometimes you just have to stay home and do nothing to accomplish that. See? You did accomplish something. 🙂


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