They Are Sometimes Powerless

I believe in angels.

I believe we can see them.

And I believe they go unseen.

I believe they can be ferocious and fierce.

And I believe they can be a source of comfort

When we can’t understand the solace we are feeling.

I believe angels are sent to us,

And I believe we can summon them.

I believe angels have power,

And I believe they are sometimes powerless,

But compassionate to our sorrows and needs.

I believe in angels of celestial existence,

And I believe in angels of mortal being.


I believe.



46 thoughts on “They Are Sometimes Powerless

  1. beautiful Colleen! I also believe in heavenly and mortal angels, who stand by and support us. I like the picture. What´s with the head? Is it not available or wide open?


        • understanding is most of the time a problem Colleen, but you are right there is always a reason and most of the time there is a reason to believe in it on top. And goldenbrodie, don´t be humbled. I feel this often…better be an moment angry and than tell yourself, half as bad….there is a reason for it and I´m not the midlle of the univers….this helps….

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  2. I am confident I have experienced both the protection and comfort of angels. I have “seen” them in action, if not in a physical form! I love your drawing, Colleen. It is quite powerful!


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