No Small Comfort

It’s no small comfort,

To put down your worries,

Pick up a book, and experience life in some other realm.


Lay aside a problem too large,

Wrap your hands around a warm cup of tea,

And think of something that doesn’t need fixed,

Or answered,

Or resolved.

It’s no small comfort,

To look across the frustrations of life

And see someone else,

Looking back at you,

Willing to get through it with you.

It’s no small comfort

To close your eyes

And feel some relief

In a sigh.


35 thoughts on “No Small Comfort

  1. Colleen, that is such a sad poem, but also so wonderfully clear! I love it when it makes sense for me. You are so right, in every word. This is no consolation. Not even a small one. To delay things and supplant them makes things worse. Solutions should be found, which may be a compromise, but an advance for all? This presupposes understanding. The end of the poem does show some hope? “And see someone else, Looking back at you,
    Willing to go through it with you.t’s no small comfort. To close your eyes.

    I’ve just read” It’s not all about time. ” But time that does not show any visible progress is painful. In the same way painful as if you try crampingly to get something to understand and realize that you do not do not succeed. How to deal with the precious time, what is most important thing to go on, what is the safest thing to follow ….. ohhh that is so hard and difficult and for now, I would like to add a great sigh to your poem.

    The picture is very nice, where is she sitting, with these pillows in the front?


    • Oh Anie, I didn’t mean it to be sad. It’s actually written so that all of these things are “not small”. So if they are not small, they are big, or important. I fear the translation may have changed the meaning.

      She is actually sitting on the “back deck”, behind the house. I was sitting there reading a book and this is why I wrote it. I felt it a blessing to be able to put aside my worries for a few hours and read a book.


  2. A book is a great refuge, a friend or partners arms a wonderful source of comfort and time doesn’t heal but does forgive. I enjoyed the eyes of another giving “no small comfort.” This can make the difference. . .


  3. I like to think I know how to find comfort for myself, but I hope to always grow in my ability to give comfort back to others. This is so beautiful and special, Collleen.


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