Written, Where He Thought

Life lived more beautifully.

I can read poetry.  I can listen to poetry.

But today I sat in W. B. Yeats home in Ireland, while an Irishman recited one of Yeats works.

I heard it spoken grandly and proudly in a tone that it would have been written in.

And wasn’t it better than the tone and accent of a tongue not skilled with his words and native sound.

So I sat in the window of  Mr. Yeats’ dining room and heard the river flow.  I looked out to the view his eyes would have seen.   And I felt what it was, that moved him to pick this place.

So I wrote:

And who couldn’t



To the sound of the river

The smell of the peat 

The trill of the bird song

To write

Like Yeats


Would have to be without

Heart or soul.

It’s not Yeats.  But it was written where he thought.  Where he wrote.  And where he loved to be.  It was enough for me to be where he wrote the words the world respects and adores.



65 thoughts on “Written, Where He Thought

  1. It’s really magical. I’m confused. You have written a beautiful story with a wonderful poetry Coleen. I am still deep inside. How can you make yourself awake when everything is so dreamlike? hope you have a good time there.


  2. I think it would be wonderful to go to Ireland, (Scotland and England.)☘ My father’s side of the family claims 1/2 Scottish, 1/2 English. He always said in a totally serious tone, “The Irish are due our respect.” One of us has been to all three countries, not Randy nor me. (yet)


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