Smushed Peas You Say?

Years ago I sat in a pub.  Across the Atlantic from home.

I didn’t know what to order for dinner.  The menu was full of things I’d never had.

The man came to take our order and I told him I wasn’t sure what to have.

He dropped his hands to his side and said I learned that when I travel, I need to try at least one thing I’ve never had before.  And that I would never get at home.  It’s never been a bad decision.

I think of that man every single time I sit in a restaurant in a place I’ve never been.

Today I saw smushed peas on the menu with something I thought looked good.  I wasn’t sure the smushed peas looked good.  But his oft repeated statement played through my head.

When they arrived hot and aromatic it was the first thing I tried.

And discovered that the serving was not large enough.

And it wasn’t a bad decision.