The Hat And The Book

We walked into another shop.

We were looking for things for others, and we found quite a few things.  But we didn’t want to haul it around while we were sight seeing so we told the shop owner we would be back tomorrow to pick up some things we really liked.  He was generous of his time and pleasantries.

The man was wearing a little knit hat.

My nephew asked the man were he had gotten his hat because he has been looking for hats like that, the man said “Inis Meain”.  Which was the next island over from where we were standing.  The kind man and my nephew talked about the hat for a minute.

The man then took the hat off of his head and gave it to my nephew.  We were all so touched by his generosity.

My husband nudged me.

I reached in my bag and gave him one of my books.

I pointed out that the picture of me on the back of the book was of me on this very island, wearing the very coat that I had on today (though the picture was from ten years ago).

The shop owner, I think, was as touched as we were.  He asked me to sign the book.

I think we all made a new friend in one another.

(Though my nephew already loves me as his favorite aunt.)

If you go to Inis Mor, please go to his shop and say hi.

He is a very kind man.

And for your viewing pleasure and maybe insight to why I feel so lucky to be here:


No filters my friends.

Just beauty.


39 thoughts on “The Hat And The Book

  1. Hand knitted hats are the bestest gift, and absolutely sure your book in return will be cherished for a lifetime, and your photos are beauty itself… I think my Dragon’s out there somewhere. ….


  2. Hahaha, you’re definitely in Ireland now Colleen, the hat, the shop, the barter, the scenery. It is a different world and I love it here, despite the mess around me sometimes.


  3. I so love that there are still generous kind people in this world. Colleen you have won my heart over many, many times – and I believe it’s from your kindness and sweet soul that you spread, share and give kindness/love unknowingly and whole heatedly wherever you are. ♥


  4. What a very special encounter, Colleen. I’m glad you and your family are matching the kindness of the people you’re meeting with reciprocal generosity of spirit. We Americans could use a little boost in international public relations! Thank you. 🙂


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