Would I Recognize Her

We arrived early, at the cafe in a castle, we had agreed to meet at on-line.

No, it wasn’t a clandestine meeting.

My husband went inside to secure a table in the somewhat busy cafe. I sat outside, at a castle, to wait.

It did not escape me, that I am sitting in a world where castle’s are literally in people’s backyards.  And have been for hundreds and hundreds of years.  And I am meeting someone I have met “on-line”.  The builders of this castle would never even begin to fathom….

I wondered again and again if I would recognize her.  I had never met her, after all.  We knew each other by our words.  Here, on WordPress.

I have seen a picture of her, here and there, but she isn’t fond of pictures of herself.  And I am becoming less so.  I wondered if she would recognize me from my drawings….

I worry about the world we live in because of ‘on-line’ threats and scams and problems.

But my worries this day were not about those things.  I was worried about real people, face to face, interactions.  Would I be to her like I am “on-line”.  Have I created an accurate image of myself with my words and stories.  Or have I used creative license to create a me I’d like to be.

Will the truth of me match up with the image of me.

I did not have any doubts about meeting her.  Not one.  I just knew.  She would be exactly as I read her.

It’s always our self doubts, isn’t it, that worry us more?

There are 3,504 miles between us, give or take a mile or two.

And as I sat there, I wondered about our paths.  So far apart.  But converging.  Right here.

I was facing the entrance.  Sitting at a picnic table.  She would have to enter in front of me.  I was looking at pictures I’d taken on my phone.  I looked up.  As I looked up, she stepped around the wall.  I saw her, and knew her.  I smiled.  She saw me.  She smiled.

She hugged me.   Then said “let me hug you again”.

Then we didn’t stop talking or laughing.

Then we made my husband take pictures.

Then I didn’t like any of the pictures.

Then….we had to leave.

I said goodbye to my friend that I really did know all along.

And by the way…..she is really beautiful.