Would I Recognize Her

We arrived early, at the cafe in a castle, we had agreed to meet at on-line.

No, it wasn’t a clandestine meeting.

My husband went inside to secure a table in the somewhat busy cafe. I sat outside, at a castle, to wait.

It did not escape me, that I am sitting in a world where castle’s are literally in people’s backyards.  And have been for hundreds and hundreds of years.  And I am meeting someone I have met “on-line”.  The builders of this castle would never even begin to fathom….

I wondered again and again if I would recognize her.  I had never met her, after all.  We knew each other by our words.  Here, on WordPress.

I have seen a picture of her, here and there, but she isn’t fond of pictures of herself.  And I am becoming less so.  I wondered if she would recognize me from my drawings….

I worry about the world we live in because of ‘on-line’ threats and scams and problems.

But my worries this day were not about those things.  I was worried about real people, face to face, interactions.  Would I be to her like I am “on-line”.  Have I created an accurate image of myself with my words and stories.  Or have I used creative license to create a me I’d like to be.

Will the truth of me match up with the image of me.

I did not have any doubts about meeting her.  Not one.  I just knew.  She would be exactly as I read her.

It’s always our self doubts, isn’t it, that worry us more?

There are 3,504 miles between us, give or take a mile or two.

And as I sat there, I wondered about our paths.  So far apart.  But converging.  Right here.

I was facing the entrance.  Sitting at a picnic table.  She would have to enter in front of me.  I was looking at pictures I’d taken on my phone.  I looked up.  As I looked up, she stepped around the wall.  I saw her, and knew her.  I smiled.  She saw me.  She smiled.

She hugged me.   Then said “let me hug you again”.

Then we didn’t stop talking or laughing.

Then we made my husband take pictures.

Then I didn’t like any of the pictures.

Then….we had to leave.

I said goodbye to my friend that I really did know all along.

And by the way…..she is really beautiful.


60 thoughts on “Would I Recognize Her

  1. I’m so happy for you, that your meet-up was a wonderful success, and of course it would be. I often wonder whether I’ll ever get to meet-up with any of my wonderful blogger friends, and many are truly the closest of penfriends…. I wonder…..

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  2. Haha. As my mum would say ‘When they made you they matched you.’ It was a very special meeting for me too. So glad, like me you put up our lovely photo!
    Blogging itself is a joy but the friendships forged, regardless of distance or circumstance, are also very special.
    I’m still smiling as I remember our meeting. Enjoy your holiday and thank you both for taking the time to come visit.


    • Tric, I forever treasure that memory. You sitting across from me, laughing, and saying “those feckers” when I told you about the hotel people. You laughing and telling me stories….like we just sat down to tea last week. Poor David trying to take a picture that would make me happy (sigh). You are a highlight. 🙂

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  3. Through the now-defunct website VirtualTourist I have met a number of people in real life whom I originally met online. This has always gone well, since we knew a lot about each other already. Thirteen of them even came with me to the opera here in Frankfurt over the years.

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  4. Gorgeous Colleen, I was there with you!
    So fantastic, romantic and funny and friendly, the online-friendships are, of course, the reality can be different. But who, if not the best internet friends, are worth to be part of your reality? Probably we are afraid that it will not work and then, we will lose the Internet friend aswell? But I guess it works nearly all the time, because you know each other already well. I am glad that the meeting was so wonderful! Have a good holiday!

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  5. This is not surprising at all. We reveal so much about ourselves in these writings on WP. I feel like I know these bloggers as well as/ better than “real life” friends that I have had for years. It’s all about authenticity, which is so easy to recognize. Wonderful experience, happy for you both, Colleen. Real photos are not necessary…we have a perfect image of the person we meet here. And that’s a good thing.


  6. Funny, I never once had any reservations about meeting bloggers. I have gotten together with three that turned out just the way yours did…wonderful! And then, unexpectedly, and after the fact…the forth went sour. I have to say, I was disappointed by the end result but it’s a chance we take when we jump from virtual to reality. I am a little gun shy currently about meeting up but the wonderful people were are are still fantastic, caring people…I’d like to think I’ll continue to meet some more.


    • I too have had many meetings with bloggers. I am happy to report that they have all turned out to be even more wonderful than they expressed themselves in their blogs. Wonderful people! Funnily, I’m not worried about meeting “them”….I’m always worried that I may portray myself in my blog…to not be as accurate as ‘me’. Does that make sense?

      I’m sorry about the one disappointment. Heaven knows I am SURE I have disappointed some people in my life! 😉


  7. I laughed outloud at your posted photo, Colleen. What a wonderful and enjoyable visit you had. I haven’t had too many visits with other bloggers, but the few I’ve had were simply delightful! I’m so happy for you. 🙂


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