Today I Met Paddy

After checking out the Book of Kells in Dublin’s Trinity College I merrily skipped up the steps to have my breath taken away again.

By the Long Room.

And I now know secrets about the Long Room.  But I can’t tell you them.  Or they wouldn’t be secrets.

With my heart pretty full we left Dublin.  And wandered into Kildare, Ireland.  We saw a Round Tower in the skyline and made a beeline to it.

I’ve long loved a Round Tower.

And included it in one of my books.

I’ve been to many a Round Tower, even been in one that was open, but in ruins.  Today in Kildare we came to a Round Tower you can go in.  You can go in and UP IN IT.

It is a complete and perfectly beautiful Round Tower.  We met, and paid, Paddy a very fair price to go into Ireland’s history.  To literally step into antiquity.

It would have been well worth a higher price.  Today, I existed in a Round Tower.

I have to admit, I was pretty happy with this adventure.

When we exited the Round Tower we spent time with Paddy.  He was generous with his time and his information.  I think he was pleased with my knowledge of Round Towers and my desire to know more.  So he willingly shared.

For all of his kindness I gave him one of my books.

He looked at me and said In all my years doing this, you’re the first to give me a gift.

I was so glad I did.  Paddy then gave me a book of information about Round Towers that someone gave him years ago.  They gave him about twenty.  He only has a few left, and he gifted me with one of them.

Then, Paddy then took us in the Cathedral.  In his beautiful Irish voice he explained much of the church’s history to us.  Then, he said, because we were such special guests, he asked if I wanted to ring the church bell.  Do I?  Of course I do!!!  He let me ring it twice.  Then my husband rang it once.

Paddy had to run home for a bite to eat and told us to feel free to look around the beautiful St. Brigid’s Cathedral.  So we did, paying attention to the information he pointed us to and loving the history embedded within the walls.

Suddenly a man comes hustling into the church, goes past my husband and I, it was evident he was looking for someone.  He couldn’t see anyone else so he sat down behind the desk at the entrance.  I have a feeling he heard the church bells ringing and wandered who the devil was ringing the bells.  I offered that Paddy had just been there and had just left, my husband telling him he had just gone for his lunch.   The man acknowledged this.

But I know he still thought we had rung that bell without permission.

We walked outside and he followed.

My husband walked to the car.

We had a ticket on the car.

I didn’t care.

We met Paddy.

It was worth the price of the town.

We have been so fortunate to meet wonderful people who are proud of their country and knowledgeable on their history.  Their passion is very evident.  And greatly appreciated.